Início Tecnologia Salesforce Acquisitions 2020: How Salesforce Made Its Mark This Year

Salesforce Acquisitions 2020: How Salesforce Made Its Mark This Year

Salesforce Acquisitions in 2020
Salesforce Acquisitions in 2020

Salesforce Acquisitions: Now is the world’s #1 CRM, has made many acquisitions in recent years. a couple of them have even reached up to billions of dollars.

The company’s main aim towards these acquisitions remains undisclosed but analysts predict that there are clear strategies related to all of them.

Being a continuing player within the acquisition game, Salesforce has taken definite steps for increasing its stake within the market, by making a more technologically advanced CRM solution for its numerous clients.

Since the start of 2019, Salesforce has acquired nearly 6 companies belonging to diverse segments like service software, AI start-ups, etc, the worth tags also differ for everyone among these acquisitions.

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These acquisitions made by Salesforce encounter nearly as good news to varied Salesforce consulting companies since a rise in their service offerings will attract more clients towards them.

Technological upgradations on the Salesforce platform are required by any Salesforce consulting firm for retaining, also as, attracting customers towards adopting Salesforce for his or her business.

The key challenge that comes across for Salesforce is to form well-defined integrations between the technologies which are acquired.

Some of the key acquisitions made by Salesforce within the year 2019 include:

Salesforce Acquisitions: Griddable

Salesforce acquired Griddable on 28th January 2019 for an undisclosed amount. Griddable, a startup that gives a platform for synchronizing enterprise data within the cloud for its customers.

Is predicated in San Jose, CA. With this acquisition, Salesforce is certainly in plans of expanding the CRM platform for its customers by way of offering leading-edge technology, this may surely help Salesforce in becoming the market leader in CRM solutions.

Salesforce acquired Foundation

Salesforce, to work with non-profit organizations like charities and academic institutions, announced its integration with the Salesforce Foundation, also referred to as (a reseller of Salesforce software and services to non-profit organizations) on 16th August 2019.

All shares of Salesforce foundation were paid in cash for an amount of $300 million, thereby, turning it into a California based business corporation.

Salesforce Acquisitions in 2020

Salesforce Acquisitions: MapAnything

On 17th April 2019, Salesforce spent $213 million to accumulate MapAnything, which may be a location-based intelligence software built on the Salesforce platform.

With integrations like route optimization, asset tracking, and map-based visualization, MapAnything will assist Salesforce within the process of accelerating the efficiency of sales teams and for providing a far better customer experience. This may place Salesforce during a unique position within the CRM market.

Salesforce acquired Bonobo AI

Salesforce acquired Israel-based conversational AI startup, Bonobo, for a sum of $45 million on 6th May 2019.

Bonobo AI, found in 2017, develops Artificial Intelligence-based software which helps companies in getting deeper insights into customers with the assistance of texts, support calls, and other kinds of communication methods.

Its acquisition is a component of the Salesforce product, Einstein Assistant, that has not yet been launched for general use.

Salesforce Acquisitions: Tableau

The Tableau acquisition by Salesforce on 10th June 2019, for a staggering enterprise value of $15.7 billion, is touted to be the most important acquisitions ever that has been made by Salesforce so far.

Two gaps will be filled by the Salesforce acquisition of Tableau. One is that data analytics are going to be at the core of the offerings made by Salesforce within the future, and therefore the other one is that the current absence of knowledge visualization as a technology stack in its analytics portfolio that Tableau integration is that the perfect solution.

Salesforce acquired ClickSoftware

Salesforce announced the ClickSoftware Technologies acquisition on 8th August 2019 for $1.35 billion. ClickSoftware Technologies may be a field service software company and this acquisition will broaden the sector service offering coming under the Service Cloud Category of Salesforce.

This acquisition has been done mainly for the aim of accelerating the revenue of Salesforce Service Cloud which crossed $1 billion as per its June 2019 income statement.

Additionally to the present, Salesforce aims to further meet the requirements of its customers by encouraging innovation with Field Service Lightning.

Salesforce is on the lookout for transforming itself from being a distinct segment CRM software provider to at least one that’s more automated, also as, technologically upgraded, all for ensuring simple use of the software by its diverse set of consumers.

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