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A complete history of the camera phone

Cameras in mobile phones are everywhere. Few of us will see the need to equip special equipment to take photos or videos, and the sales ...

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The best apps for a second phone number

Now, you no longer need to squander a second phone number through a wireless carrier. Instead, you can rely on some of the best Andriod ...

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Here are the 5 best VoIP phone services for small businesses

VoIP phone services: In the corporate world, it is not uncommon for companies to invest heavily in telephone systems that can route calls, process voice ...

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How to reduce exposure to cell phone radiation

Even if the radiation is very limited, the mobile phone will produce radiation. They use radio frequency energy, which is a type of electromagnetic radiation. ...

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What is OneDrive?

If you use any Microsoft product, you may come across the name OneDrive. Microsoft recently launched a cloud-based service that allows users to choose to ...

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How to use Google Drive

How to use Google Drive: Is a cloud storage solution that provides 15GB of free storage space and free packages, as well as other storage ...

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