New streaming tool for Splunk Transaction Data

INETCO Systems Limited today announced the Beta version of INETCO NetStream at the Splunk Transaction Global User Conference.conf2013 in 2013. INETCO’s NetStream collects network data, converts it into rich transaction events, and streams this data to Splunk Transaction in real-time.

This new feature enhances Splunk Transaction user’s ability to resolve application and IT infrastructure issues, identify potential security and compliance incidents, and understand user experience and business performance in real-time. Splunk users can register for the free INETCO NetStream Beta.

Bijan Sanii, President and CEO of INETCO, said:

“Access to transaction information is a safe, universal requirement for IT and business operations teams.” “INETCO NetStream makes this information easy to access for Splunk Enterprise users.Direct access to high-quality real-time transactions captured from the underlying network The event brought a whole new environment for the data generated by all other machines in Splunk Enterprise.”

Splunk Transaction system

New streaming tool for Splunk Transaction Data

INETCO NetStream is a web-based application that can use data packets directly from the host or remotely from the SPAN port, reconstruct individual transaction events, and stream them to Splunk Enterprise in real-time so that data can be easily indexed and searched, Analysis and visualization.

The information passed from INETCO NetStream to Splunk Enterprise includes fields from the application payload, related application response time, network requests, and network response links for each transaction event.

This data is filtered before extraction and presented in a way that makes it easy to analyze the behavior of each transaction in Splunk Enterprise and specific elements of the application payload (eg, customer ID, dollar amount, transaction type, etc.). INETCO NetStream is easy to install and configure, is out of the box for typical web-based applications, and can be extended to decode other protocols using the Python API.

“Our partner community provides additional data sources by allowing companies and organizations to use Splunk software as a platform for machine data, enabling them to utilize this data in a wide range of use cases, thereby enhancing their value, INETCO NetStream will bring web-based transaction data into Splunk software, enabling users to create new associations and insights about their business.”

Business Advanced Vice President, Bill Gaylord.

Join Marc and learn how INETCO NetStream unlocks powerful new transaction event data streams from your network to isolate application performance issues faster and provide rich operational intelligence to more people in your organization. Splunk Enterprise users can also register to try INETCO NetStream for Splunk beta for free.

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