Here are the 5 best VoIP phone services for small businesses

VoIP phone services: In the corporate world, it is not uncommon for companies to invest heavily in telephone systems that can route calls, process voice mail, and ensure that employees can complete their work no matter where they are.

However, in many cases, these telephone systems are complex, expensive, and require regular maintenance. In other words, for many small businesses, they just don’t work.

Instead, companies such as 8×8, Ooma and others have provided Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services aimed at simplifying the company’s telephone system and reducing the overall cost of small businesses.

The VoIP telephone system runs over the Internet instead of traditional telephone lines, and is usually managed in the cloud, where small businesses can create extensions, manage personal calls, and so on. The best part is that they are usually much cheaper than the company-centric alternatives.

VoIP phone services: RingCentral

RingCentral is a popular VoIP phone system that can be used by small businesses and large companies that want to get rid of the traditional system.

But surprisingly, RingCentral is able to lower prices, so for small businesses of any size, its prices are very reasonable. RingCentral touted the fact that you can sign up for the service and get the phone system up and running in just a few minutes.

In total, the service has more than 50 features that you can configure, including the ability to create extensions, use video conferencing for richer communications, facilitate messaging between team members, and use text messaging to communicate with others.

5 best VoIP phone services for small businesses

RingCentral can be run on a traditional phone used in the office, or it can be used via the RingCentral application on a computer or smartphone. On the control panel of the service, you can create a call tree to route calls in the system, and set up an online fax system so you can receive faxes without a fax machine.

You can create directory listings and establish toll-free phone numbers, and you can use it if you want an automated receptionist to handle and route your calls. There are even audit records, so you can see who is calling whom and when.

Interestingly, RingCentral can be used with various third-party services such as Box, Dropbox, Google and Microsoft to improve the productivity and connectivity of the entire organization. All the aforementioned video calls you can make through this service provide high-definition visual effects.

VoIP phone services: Ooma

Ooma is a popular phone system designed to provide you with an “enterprise-level” phone system, ideal for small businesses that want to “sound more professional.” Ooma’s system can be used with Internet-enabled phones as well as analog phones and smart phones.

If you already have a phone system, you can keep that number and use it with Ooma. You can also use Ooma’s Android and iOS mobile apps, and use current smartphones as the company’s product line.

If you are using a more complex phone system, Ooma will provide various features you can find in larger, more expensive solutions, including a virtual receptionist who can answer calls and direct people to the correct extension.

You can assign different extensions to various devices, if you want to hold a conference call, Ooma can do it. You can even configure music on hold through the service. In total, you can configure more than 35 VoIP phone functions in Ooma.

Ooma’s price is only $19.95 per user per month. There is no contract for this product, so you can register at any time and move on to other projects.


In the world of small business phone systems, Grasshopper may be the simplest. This is why it is ideal for sole proprietors, freelancers or anyone who owns one or two telephone lines. Grasshopper is designed to work with your smartphone.

After registration, you can create your own 1-800 number or choose a local number in your area. After receiving the call, you will find that Grasshopper will remind you through the service that this is a call, and you can respond as needed.

When you make a call in Grasshopper, even if you make a call from the phone, the call you made will see your Grasshopper number on the Caller ID. And, if you want to make or receive calls on your PC, Grasshopper comes with a desktop application that allows you to do just that.

Grasshopper includes the option to send text messages with your company instead of making phone calls, and you can even receive voice mails and faxes that have been sent to your inbox. Grasshopper will provide various plans according to your needs.

Its cheapest option is $26 per month for each number and three extensions. You can also choose three numbers and six extensions for $44 per month, or five numbers and unlimited extensions for $80 per month.

VoIP phone services: 8×8

If you are looking for a powerful solution, and it is designed for larger companies in the “small business” category, then an 8×8 business phone system is a good choice. In fact, the 8×8 business phone system is one of the more powerful small business solutions on the market.

It comes with a configuration and management pane, and supports unlimited calls in up to 45 countries/regions. It can be used with mobile and desktop applications, so you can receive calls from your smartphone or PC, and all calls are high-definition phones, so the sound should sound good.

Like many of its competitors, the 8×8 business phone system has built-in instant messaging and chat functions, and allows employees to remind others when they are away in the office, remotely or during the day.

With the help of visual voice mail, you can access mail anytime, anywhere. The service even includes complete voice, web and video conferencing, so you can hold meetings.

One thing you don’t want to overlook in an 8×8 business phone system is its operator switchboard function, which allows the system to answer a large number of calls and route them appropriately to the entire company.

And, if you are worried about security, 8×8 means its service supports TLS/SRTP encryption. The price of the 8×8 business phone system will vary depending on your plan. However, the estimated starting price is $25 per user per month.


Nextiva is another small and medium-sized business phone system designed to make it easier for small companies with a few employees to complete their work.

However, it also comes with contact center and SIP trunk options, which is very suitable for medium-sized companies that have more employees and need to strengthen office communication. Since we focus on small businesses, here we will focus on Nextiva’s Office solutions for small businesses.

Nextiva Office has three flavors-Office Pro, Office Pro Plus and Office Enterprise. All three provide unlimited calls and virtual faxes, and do not charge any installation fees.

However, when you use Office Pro Plus, you can access meetings and Nextiva’s mobile apps to communicate on your smartphone. If you want to use the enterprise version, you can add call records and configure the service through three professional greetings.

When you use Nextiva up and running, you will find the option to manage phone service and monitor activity from anywhere to see what employees are doing on the system.

You can use Nextiva to keep your existing number, or you can choose a new local number or toll free. And, if you want to transfer a call from a desktop to a mobile device without hanging up, Nextiva can do it. In fact, Nextiva is designed to be used almost anywhere.

In addition to traditional phones, you can also use Nextiva on computers, tablets and smartphones. Nextiva can even be used with Apple Watch, so you can communicate with the person on your wrist.

Nextiva said its services are very suitable for mobile-first companies. If you are worried about using the service throughout the day, then Nextiva does not worry: it guarantees 99.999% uptime.

The pricing of Nextiva Office varies greatly depending on the number of users you have and the version you need. Its cheapest plan is $19.95 per user per month.

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